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Welcome to DASICON 2023!

This year's conference theme is "(De-)Globalisation: Untangling Our Present and Future Perspectives" and it will be hosted at the Vienna School of International Studies on March 3, 2023!

The conference is open to everyone and free of charge!

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About Us

When: Friday, March 3rd 2023

Where: Vienna School of International Studies


The Diplomatic Academy Students’ Initiative Conference (DASICON) is an annual international conference fully organised by current students of the Vienna School of International Studies. Addressed to the general public, it provides a space for international experts, interested students, and relevant stakeholders to explore, analyse, and interact.The 2023 edition is entitled “(De)globalisation: Untangling our present and future perspectives”, with panels focusing on economic, cultural, technological, environmental, political and diplomatic aspects. The aim of the conference is to invite speakers from diverse backgrounds, engage in critical discussions, and urge participants to view the development of our (de)globalised world from a critical perspective.

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