Alexander Van der Bellen is an Austrian politician serving as Federal President of Austria since 2017. Before entering politics and becoming spokesman of the Green Party, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Vienna. He is an international advocate for ambitious climate action - putting the

climate crises into the center of his work as president.

Federal President of Austria Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen

He is an Austrian Manager and CEO of the Verbund AG (the largest Austrian energy provider). 

Furthermore Wolfgang Anzengruber is board member of the Federation 

of Austrian Industries. 

As CEO he finally steered the “hydropowered” Verbund AG towards 100% renewable energy production - putting climate protection into the heart of the companies strategy.

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Anzengruber

Director of the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI), a platform for interdisciplinary research collaboration among all faculties at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As full professor of transnational environmental governance and policy, I specialize in the study of global environmental politics, with a focus on climate change governance, biodiversity, forest and ocean governance, transnational relations, public-private partnerships, network theory and institutional analysis.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Pattberg

He is part of Extinction Rebellion since November 2018 and co-organized, as well as participated in Rebellion Week Number 1 in April 2019 and in Rebellion Week Number 2 in October 2019.

Fabian Samec

He has been working at cleantech agency DWR eco as a Public Affairs and Strategy Consultant since October 2019. His work focuses on the fields of renewable energy and green hydrogen, e-mobility and circular economy.

Jonas Wigger

She is  currently working as an Associate Programme Management Officer at the Secretariat of the International Resource Panel, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)'s Economy Division in Paris, France. In this role, Kirsten delivers programme management on work streams related to natural resource use and supports the Secretariat in delivering knowledge products to policy makers at the global level. Her work focuses on mineral resource governance, sustainable cities, remanufacturing, transition to a resource efficient economy and sustainable finance.

Kirsten Virginia Glenn, MSc

Isabella Steger is president of the Austrian National Youth Council and advocates for youth rights. She believes that the climate crisis can only be solved together with the young generation and stands up for more youth participation in decision-making processes. The BJV or Austrian National Youth Council is the official and legally established representative body of children and youth in Austria. Together with the member organizations the BJV is a strong voice for the diverse interests and ideas of young people.

Isabella Steger

He is the environmental coordinator of the Environmental Matters Unit of OPEC. The Environmental Matters Unit within the OPEC Secretariat is focused on climate change and sustainable development issues, as well as environmental policies.

Mr. Zarie Zare has previously been working with Iranian foreign ministry and has participated as an expert in a number of international and intergovernmental events and negotiation processes. As a national delegate he was assigned to work in New York, Geneva and Bangkok; dealing with a wide range of issues in the fields of international economy, climate change and environment, as well as sustainable development.

Mohammad Ali Zarie Zare

Being the Director of the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development, Alfred Strigl is a Biochemist and an Expert in Sustainable Development, System Change Management & Corporate Social Responsibility. He is also the Founder and Director of plenum – association for holistic sustainable development, an eco-social company.

Alfred Strigl

Arnaud Schwartz is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee which advises the different EU institutions in their work and offers opinions on various policy issues to represent European civil society.

Arnaud Schwartz

He is a passionate advocate for sustainable mobility & energy solutions. He has 12 years of international experience in Safety & Environmental Leadership with OMV and the global oil & gas industry, both onshore and offshore. Adrian is also engaged as lecturer and active as Climate Reality Leader, all encouraged by his guiding principle that "Leadership is action, not position".

Adrian S. Frey

She graduated from Oxford University with a Master in "Biodiversity, Conservation and Management". After graduation she worked at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In this manner, she participated in the Climate Summit in Katowice, where she also met Greta Thunberg. Inspired by the Swedish activist she initiated Fridays for Future in Vienna and is now the spokesperson of Austrias Climate Referendum.

Katharina Rogenhofer

She is CEO of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens and is a passionate change maker, advocate, founder and speaker. She was asked to create the Ban Ki-moon Centre in Vienna under the leadership of former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Austrian President Heinz Fischer, after working for years at the UN, the EU, the Austrian Foreign Ministry and in field missions around the globe. She assisted in eco-friendly city planning in Asia, and helped bettering the living conditions of women in the Middle East and West-Africa. She also contributed to Rio+20 and the Paris Climate Agreement as part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative.

Monika Froehler

Associate Professor at Institute for Ecological Economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

His research interests are in the area of Sustainable resource management, Environmental Accounting, Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Environmental input-output models, Resource efficiency indicators, Industrial Ecology, Globalisation, international trade and development.

Dr. Stefan Giljum

She is an international lawyer working for “Umweltdachverband” in Austria on EU environmental law and policy. She is the head of "Circular Futures - Platform Kreislaufwirtschaft Österreich", a cooperation between the Umweltdachverband, RepaNet and VABÖ in Austria and the European Environmental Bureau in Brussels. The solution-oriented multi-stakeholder platform operates as a think tank, incubator and catalyst for projects and initiatives that accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Austria.

Julika Dittrich, LL.M. 

Tamojit is currently a Partnerships Officer at Sustainable Energy for ALL. He helps create catalytic partnerships on sustainable energy that supports actions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Tamojit builds and manages corporate partner relations, public-private partner platforms and is also involved in strategic planning, contract negotiations, designing and managing  founded on shared values dealing with a range of issues specifically on sustainable energy. 

Tamojit Chatterjee, M.A.I.S.

Bernhard is Director of the EU-Umweltbüro in Vienna, a green NGO, as well as Vice-President of the European Environmental Bureau/EEB, Europe’s largest environment umbrella organization based in Brussels. His main foci are environmental legislation and its implementation, both on the European and national level, circular economy, renewable energies, biodiversity and sustainable development as well as advocacy and lobbying. 


Zlanabitnig, MA, MSc, MAS

He received his degree in theoretical physics from the University of Vienna. Since 2006 he is the responsible for nuclear and energy at the Vienna Ombuds-Office for Environmental Protection. He deals mainly with the development of solutions in his field suitable for the city of Vienna and with the communication of these issues to the stakeholders within the city as well as the general public. Climate change has become an important issue not only concerning energy questions but also concerning the other focal points of the Office for Environmental Protection as Wildlife Conservation, spatial planning,  environmental law.

Mag. David Reinberger

She is an Austrian lawyer with a focus on climate and migration. She initiated the project “Klimaklage” in cooperation with Greenpeace, in which several climate-damaging legislative provisions are challenged in front of the Austrian Constitutional Court. 

Michaela Krömer

Roland Mechtler is Head of Group Regulatory Affairs & Data Governance at Raiffeisen Bank International AG.  He is in charge of the co-operation with supervisors, supervisory reporting, monitoring and implementing the newest regulatory developments. A key topic is transforming the group wide Data Governance to the new needs of a data centric organization. In 2004, Roland joined the Raiffeisen Treasury Asset and Liability Management team and since then had different functions in Strategic Portfolio Management, Capital Planning and Acquisitions and Transformation office.  He holds a PhD in economic sciences, a degree in business administration and is a US Certified Public Accountant (Illinois). 

Roland Mechtler

Since 2017, Thomas Jakowiak is holding the position of Executive Vice President Integration Management at RHI Magnesita. An important part of his agenda is to leverage the company’s global sustainability strategy with a strong emphasis on implementing credible actions to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Thomas Jakowiak

She is Head of the Department for International Environmental Affairs in the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action. She has been heading this department since 2005 in the various formations of the Ministry.

In this capacity Ms More participated as member of the Austrian delegation in several UN Climate Conferences. The department follows various international organization and processes related to environment and climate action and undertakes bilateral cooperation with countries outside of Europe.

Mag. Elfriede-Anna More

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